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Learn to heal body, mind, and sex with the energy body yoga of Tibetan 5 Element Tantra for only $30 a month!



About the Tibetan 5 Element Tantra Video Training Program


The Tibetan 5 Element Tantra Training Program is a 12 week series of 1.5 hr. recorded group classes guiding you through the process of connecting with and enriching the elemental energies of your own body, for holistic healing of body, mind, and sex.

This program consists of:

  • A total of 6 - 1.5 hour classes that you'll get access to bi-weekly for 12 weeks. 
  • This also includes Meditations for each Element and Elemental Dance videos!
  • You will maintain access to this content for as long as you choose to maintain your membership.
In order to meet needs for accessibility, community building, and ongoing support, this online video training is being offered as part of our Authentic Tantra Membership Program for only $30 a month!


 Save $60 when you purchase a full year for only $299!

What people are saying about the membership!


I first heard about Devi by her appearance on VH1 Couples Retreat. I started listening to the podcast and found her on IG... I'm so happy that I was able to register for this! Devi is an inspiration to me as a black woman. 


Thanks so much to everyone for making these (teachings) accessible I truly appreciate it. As a single mom of 4...I could not figure out a way to pay for the full program. So very grateful for this!


From this mixed-race black woman who never felt woman enough or black enough I can say, for me, it is wonderful just to be in your presence Devi and have you as a role model. Thank you for all that you are doing!



What are the Tibetan 5 Elements? 


The Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings are ancient shamanistic practices from the Tibetan and Bon traditions, designed to balance, enrich, and heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body- from the inside out.


These teachings were transmitted to our Lama (Lama Tashi Dundrup) by Kalu Rinpoche (1905 – May 10, 1989) over 40 years ago. The Tibetan Five Element Teachings are part of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhist Tantra. They have been passed down from Teacher to student as part of an oral tradition dating back over 1,200 years. 

Watch this clip from The Fire Element Class!

"Again, thank you. I love these classes. This is profoundly healing for my being and helping me do energetic work, heal trauma, AND I'm in my body!!! AND enjoying it!!!! Not sure I've ever been there before. Thank you for making this medicine so accessible. I'm loving every last drop of it."


In 2009, Lama Tashi Dundrup gave Devi Ward Erickson his permission and blessings to teach the Tibetan 5 Element Practices publicly, as a method for sexual, spiritual, and emotional healing.

In this tradition, the Five Elements are defined as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. Each element has an associated color, shape, and mantric sound which when chanted out loud, activates that elemental energy in your body and your environment.


Each element also governs a different “chakra” (energy center) and different functioning of the physical body. For example, Fire Element is seated in the sex chakra. It rules the sexual functioning and reproductive system, the muscular structure of the body, the digestive fire, and all of the electrical impulses in the body.


Additionally, each element is an antidote to the “root cause” of most illness and dys-function of body, mind, and spirit. 


The Tibetan 5 Element Practices can be used both sexually and non-sexually to transform these emotional energies in the body and dissolve toxic thought patterns, and their subsequent physiological effects. Once these root poisons are “purified” and the energy centers of the body (chakras) are healthy and balanced, the elements begin to manifest their power or “activity” in our everyday lives.

The Tibetan Five Element Practices are an incredibly potent form of energy medicine because the elemental codes allow us to directly access our energy body, which according to many Eastern traditions is actually senior or supreme to the physical body. The theory is that if we are able to activate, enrich and heal the energy body we subsequently acti-vate, enrich and heal the physical body. Therefore this form of energy medicine can be a vital tool for cultivating optimum physical, mental and emotional health, wellness, and vitality. 

The Tibetan 5 Element Teachings and Practices are the foundation of the Authentic Tantra modality and are woven into all 4 pillars of healing- meditation, movement, connection, and pleasure.

The Tibetan 5 Element Tantra Video Program is a 12 week series of 1.5 hr classes guiding you through the process of connecting with and enriching the elemental energies of your own body, for holistic healing of body, mind, and sex. 

You will learn...


  • How the Tibetan 5 Element Practices heal mind, body & spirit
  • The 5 Points of Meditation
  • How to meditate gently and effectively
  • Healing Properties of all 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Space
  • Tibetan Elemental Meditation practice to catalyze healing and enrichment
  • Dance the Elements! Learn the movements to activate and enrich the elemental energy in your body through the pleasure of dance! 
  • How to connect with the elemental energies in everyday life


Get the tools you need to create pleasure + healing in every aspect of your life!

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The Tibetan 5 Element Tantra Video Program is being offered for $30 per month as part of our Authentic Tantra Membership Program!


Save $60 when you purchase a full year for only $299!

So, here’s what you get…

What’s Included in your membership?

The Authentic Tantra Membership Program consists of:


  • The Tibetan 5 Element Tantra Training Program


  • The Authentic Tantra Membership Portal which gives you access to an online library of resource materials and recorded classes


  • Special discounts and early registration for events.


  • Our LIVE Monthly Meditation Classes


Why have a membership?


Because we all need support to heal. 


Because we heal most fully and completely with the support of trusted community. 


Because Sangha (your spiritual family) is ESSENTIAL to realizing the fruits of your tantric practice. 


Because you will need consistent guidance to effectively integrate these teachings into your life, in a way that is practical, effective, and sustainable. 


Because we LOVE supporting you in this process and we wanted to make it EASY and accessible for you and for us.


Because Tantra is Medicine and LOVE has the power to heal.


In the great wisdom traditions of Tantra, teachings, wisdom, methods, practices, were all transmitted directly from the heart of the teacher to the heart of the student, via oral/verbal instruction. Our Lama frequently says that “All Tantra begins and ends in the heart”, and if there is no love, there is no Tantra.


We created this membership site so that we can love you better. So that we can maintain connection with those of you we have already worked with and cultivate and BUILD connection with those of you who are just being introduced to these teachings.


The healing that is catalyzed by practicing authentic, lineage-based Tantra is NO JOKE, and we want to not only support you during the rough spots on your journey but celebrate the triumphs and transformation with you! We want to build Sangha with you! And we wanted to do this is a way that was easy, accessible, supportive, and FUN!


That’s why we created this membership program for you.

Authentic, lineage-based Tantra is more than just a “practice”... it’s a LIFESTYLE.



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