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Female Orgasm Intensive

The Female Orgasm Intensive is a complete Tantra Training Program for sexual healing. The methods you will learn in this program have been used successfully by hundreds of women around the world to help them reclaim their birthright to unlimited pleasure, connection, inner peace and joy! 
This program focuses on sexual pleasure, but the goal is to enrich and enhance your experience of pleasure in every area of your life. The pleasure you allow yourself to experience inside the bedroom directly correlates to the amount of pleasure you allow yourself to experience outside of the bedroom and vice versa!

  • Break through blocks & limitations to experience greater bliss & joy In all areas of your Life!
  • Create more fulfilling intimate relationships!
  • Heal past trauma & overcome shame to feel more sexually liberated!
  • Expand your capacity for pleasure in EVERY area of life!

What People Are Saying:

“Very thorough, and I loved how everything flowed from general to specific!”


“I really appreciate how you have addressed trauma with this series and included it in working the program. I think the overall layout and progression through the modules is beautifully done. I think the two of you work together effectively as a team, as professionals, have huge hearts and love that shows in your teaching, and show and share your vulnerability in a way that walks the talk. Sharing your vulnerability and your own personal experiences in opening up and exploring lets your audience know that the work we do is a process and what we feel is ok, it is where we are in this moment. What is tantra if there is no heart? Thank you for all of that and for who you are. ”


“I appreciate all of it. Specifically I like the emphasis on being with whatever experience i am having rather than trying to have a specific experience. I appreciate how the two of you are leading the work together and also share your own vulnerabilities and edges. It is not about an end state, but a constantly changing dynamic experience. Thank you.”