Tantra Mastery Women of Color Payment Plan

The Tantra Mastery for Women of Color Group Training Program was created to provide a more accessible pathway for WOC to complete the Phase #1 requirements for the IATE government-accredited, Tantra Certification Program, while at the same time addressing the wounds and trauma unique to us as WOC, through communal healing and targeted support.

The Program will consist of 26 hours of group training over approximately 24 weeks (5.5 months). The core curriculum for the program will be delivered in a series of LIVE group training sessions, hosted by IATE Founder, Devi Ward Erickson and Tantra Mastery Program Director, Karen Craig.

Your first session will consist of a Tantra Healing Intake Session. During the Tantra Healing Intake Session, your instructor will ask you detailed questions about your personal history, including your relationship history and previous sexual traumas, so that we may know how to best support you during your training program. These sessions are entirely confidential and may be recorded for your later review, if desired. 

$550.00 USD

6 monthly payments

We delightfully share these teachings with you for your personal healing and benefit. We ask that you respect our boundaries regarding the professional use of this content (as seen below) and do not use these methods, teachings, and/or practices in a professional manner or setting, until such time as you are certified and licensed to do so. We look forward to maintaining a spiritually healthy and supportive relationship with you :-)

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