Practical Tantra with Lama Tashi Dundrup

Join us September 15th 2022 for a special LIVE presentation with Lama Tashi sharing the Green Tara practice and The Tibetan 5 Elements!


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Green Tara EMPOWERMENT and Practice ~ Join us for a very special Tibetan Tantra Event!

Tantra is an ancient spiritual science developed in Northern India several thousand years ago.

Today, there are many different branches, traditions, and lineages of Tantra.

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education offers teachings and practices rooted in the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. We teach and practice with the blessings and permission of our Root Lama, Lama Tashi Dundrup.

Lama Tashi was introduced to the Dharma in 1977 and has been an ordained Lama of the Kagyu tradition since 1989. He has been actively teaching Vajrayana Tantra since 1990.

Lama Tashi has generously offered to share some precious teachings of the Dharma with all of us for our next Practical Tantra Class on September 15th 2022

On September 15th, 2022, Lama Tashi will be offering a lineage empowerment for the Vajrayana Tantra practice of Green Tara for our Practical Tantra Monthly Webseries.

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Because this is a Buddhist Dharma Class, this event will be open to everyone who feels moved to join us. The class will be recorded but the recording will be available for Practical Tantra MEMBERS ONLY!

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Event Details!

  • WHEN: Thursday, September 15th, 4-5:30 pm Pacific
  • WHERE: Online via ZOOM

 Content presented:

  • Tantra Dharma 101 – What is the Dharma and why it is beneficial to practice
  • Tibetan 5 Elemental Meditation presented by Lama Tashi
  • The importance of Empowerment for authentic Tantric practice.
  • Green Tara Empowerment and Practice

What is an Empowerment?

In Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, the empowerment serves as an estotric transmission or “initiation” to your Tantra practice and sets up the channels of the energy body to receive and utilize the teachings and practices most effectively.

According to our friends at Wikipedia

To practice tantric yoga, it is considered necessary to receive a tantric empowerment) from a qualified tantric master. The Sanskrit term abhiá¹£eka refers to ritual bathing or anointing. Mipham states that empowerment produces the view of mantra in one's being and that this is the basis for the practice of Vajrayana. According to Mipham:

"Empowerment is the indispensable initial entry point for the practice of mantra."

Tibetan Buddhist Scholar, Jamgon Kongtrül defines empowerment as "what makes the [student's] mind fully ripened by planting the special seeds of the resultant four dimensions of awakening in the aggregates, elements, and sense fields of the recipient”.

It is also associated with the conferral of authority, in this case, someone is authorized to cultivate the tantric path.


It is stated that one is not qualified to practice certain aspects of tantra without having received the appropriate empowerment.

Tibetan 5 Element Tantra is unique in the field of modern Tantra because the Tibetan 5 Element Teachings are authentic Tantra practices from the Vajaryana tradition that do not require empowerment to practice.

They are an introduction to the "higher" and more complex practices of Vajrayana Buddhist Tantra. 

The Deity Yoga practices of Vajrayana Tantra (such as Green Tara) DO require empowerment to practice.

Having an empowerment for Diety yoga practices will enhance the potency and efficacy of your Tibetan 5 Element practices as well.